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Notice is hereby given that applications will be accepted by the Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District for the transfer of irrigation acres from one parcel to another in accordance with Section 26 of the Irrigation Districts Act until February 28, 2020 for the 2020 irrigation season. The parcels involved in the proposed Transfer must be served by the same Irrigation District and must be signed by both parties to the proposed Transfer. All applications to transfer acres are subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.


Notice is hereby given that applications will be accepted by the Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District for irrigation of an alternate parcel in accordance with Section 25 of the Irrigation Districts Act until March 29, 2020 for the 2020 irrigation season. An Irrigator may apply to the District to use water to irrigate an alternate parcel not included on the Assessment Roll in lieu of using water to irrigate irrigation acres if the Irrigator is the Owner or Lessee of the alternate parcel. If the parcel is leased, the application must include the consent of the Owner. The term of the Agreement will commence May 1, 2020 and will expire on December 31, 2020.


Effective November 6, 2018, the Board of Directors has placed a freeze on accepting any new applications for Irrigation Acres (Water Rights) until a comprehensive review can be completed on all applications received by November 6, 2018 and on infrastructure capacities.

Water Conveyance agreements are available for purposes other than irrigation such as municipal, agricultural, commercial, industrial, management of fish, management of wildlife, habitat enhancement, and recreation. Water for the purpose of injecting into the ground to enhance oil or gas production is prohibited.

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The District advises that the water in the irrigation system of the District may not be potable or may not be suitable for irrigation or other purposes, and the District makes no representation, warranty or guarantee, express or implied that the water delivered through its irrigation system is potable and fit for human consumption or suitable for irrigation purposes, livestock watering, recreational use or other purposes.

The District advises the Owners that the water delivered is in the condition in which it may be found in the irrigation system from time to time and the Owner is to provide such additional treatment or filtering as the Owner considers necessary, to ensure that the water is of usable quality.

The irrigation system of the District is an open ditch system subjecting the water therein to contamination from all manner of environmental, human and animal factors beyond the control of the District and the District does not regulate, control or monitor the quality of the water in its system.


Notice is hereby given that the Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District does not permit hunting on District property. Notice is further given that the District will notify the RCMP of any individuals observed hunting on District property.


Upgrades to irrigation systems may create differences between the contracted demand and the actual demand of electricity and it may be in a water user's best interest to request a review of minimums to ensure they are receiving the benefits of any electrical efficiencies gained. Click here for a detailed information sheet.


Aquatic Invasive Species pose a very real threat to Alberta's waterways and irrigation canals pipelines and reservoirs.

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To provide the best, most efficient water delivery system at the lowest possible cost to the water users, while ensuring good stewardship for the environment and our natural resources.


NOVEMBER 25, 2019

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