LNID Domestic Agreement and Household Purposes Agreement Users

June 11, 2024

Alberta remains in Stage 4 (out of 5) of its water shortage management response plan and LNID Irrigators are currently facing a 50% reduction in their allocation. This water is used to grow our food. The LNID is asking Domestic Agreement users and Household Purposes Agreement users to take action in decreasing your water usage. Recognizing that the establishment and long-term health of lawns, trees and shrubs needs to be considered, these efforts could include:

• Limiting outdoor water usage, including watering lawns or washing vehicles, to essential needs

• Limiting water use to outside of daily peak heat hours to reduce water loss

These recommendations are in line with other irrigation districts, the City of Lethbridge and Lethbridge County.

Every drop matters in the effort to conserve water across Southern Alberta. The LNID thanks water users in advance for your cooperation.

Board of Directors, Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District